Some Recent Lectures

2016       NUU Belfast

Launch of Irish Political Studies Commemorative Issue

2016       Bogota Colombia

Ill Foro Colombia-Union Europea (Sesion Inaugural)

2016       Paasakivi Society, Helsinki, Finland

"Europe without Britain: An Irish view of the challenges facing the EU in 2016 and beyond"

2016       Dublin Castle

USI Student Achievement Awards

2016       EAFIT University, Medellin, Colombia

Opportunities for Trade and Investment in a post conflict environment

2016       Universidad Externado, Bogota, Colombia

Peace in Ireland and Colombia: Differences and Similarities

2016       Young Professionals' Network, IIEA Dublin

How the template of the Northern Ireland Peace Process can contribute to international Peace Building

2015       Conference at the Mexican Council on Foreign Affairs : COMEXI

“Ireland Today”

2015       University of Guadalajara

"From conservative country to liberal society: How Ireland became the first country in the world to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote"

2015       University of Guadalajara

“Ireland: An Island of 6 million and a Nation of 70 million”


2015       Glucksman Ireland House, New York University

"From Bailout to Recovery: The prospects for the Irish (and European) economies"

2014       Salvador Allende Foundation. Santiago, Chile

"The Challenge of Unity in an International Movement: toward a common strategy for a new Global Deal"

2014       ReSPA Governing Board Members. Skopje, Macedonia

"Governance in difficult economic circumstances – creating the right conditions for growth and competitiveness"

2014       National Model UN, University College Cork

"Ireland's foreign policy as regards the UN"